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Lesson 1. What should you do, if you are afraid?  Give the Bible Coloring and Read Luke 8:22-25

1. Why are the disciples afraid?

2. What was Jesus doing at the time? (sleeping)

 3.  Why did the disciples wake him?

 4. What did He say to his disciples? (where is your faith?)

5. Sometimes, do we lack faith?

6. How do we get faith? (by hearing the word of God)

 7. Sometimes are you afraid – what can you do if you are afraid? (Call on The Lord)

8. What did Jesus do when they called on Him for help? (stopped the storm)

Lesson 2. What is the character of a Bible heroe?

1. why is the man lying on a mat?

2. Why is there a big hole in the roof? (the friends made a hole in order to lower him down in front of Jesus)

 3. Who looks kind of mad? (these were people who did not like Jesus)

4. What is more important, the inner spiritual part of a person and what we think, or the physical?

5. What did Jesus do first, heal the man, or first forgive him of all his sins?  READ Luke 5:17-26.    

6. Why did Jesus first forgive him? ( because that is the most important – the greatest miracle)

7. Who are the heroes in this Bible story? (yes, Jesus –  He is the greatest heroe, but who else and why? (yes, the friends who cared for the man who was parylized, and brought him to Christ!)

8. Do you know people who you want to bring to Christ?  (you can pray for them)

Lesson 3. What is more valuable than birds?

1. Why are people more valuable to God than birds?

 2. When God created man and woman, what was different about them than birds? (God created people in His image with a soul and spirit) (READ GENESIS 1:26-27)

3. Do you remember the story of Adam and Eve in the garden. What happened? (walk them through the story, question and answer style)

4. Then they were tempted by Satan by way of the snake, and what happened? (yes, they sinned – they disobeyed God)

5. So what came to us by way of Adam and Eve? (sinful nature – we are born in sin, sinners by birth and practice)

6. But does God still love us? (yes, you could quote Romans 5:6 – while we were yet sinners Christ loved us)

7.  Does God have a plan to save people from their sins? (yes- you can quote John 3:16, and elaborate, or wait till future weeks of lessons)

8. Read Mathew 6:25-34

Lesson 4. Can a leopard change His spots?      (Jeremiah 13:23)

1.  ask the main question, and explain, of course not!

2. Last week we learned that we were born in sin, and are sinners, but God has a plan to save us from our sins! Do we all have sins that are like spots on the inside of us?

3. Can we remove our own sinful spots? Why? (only God can take away our sins)

4. What is God’s plan to save us?

(yes, Jesus dying on the cross to take the punishment that we deserve!)

5. Then what happened? (yes, He was buried, and on the third day what happened? (yes, He rose from the dead, and came alive again)

6. Then what happened? (yes, He showed his pierced hands to the disciples)

 7. Then what? (yes, He went back to Heaven, but promised to send The Holy Spirit to His followers) (and promised to return again)

8. So how can we be saved from our sins? (yes, we need to call on Jesus, The Savior, to save

us, and come into our hearts and remove all the sins, and send His Holy Spirit into our hearts!

9. Option: to lead the children and adults in praying the sinners prayer.

CONCLUSION: people who are used to sinning cannot change, just like the leopard cannot change his spots. BUT there is hope, when people hear the good news of the gospel, turn away from sin (repent) and turn to Jesus, He gives us new power to be clean, holy, and to follow Him.

Lesson 5. Where will a seed grow best?

1. Why is the man scattering seeds? (he wants them to grow)

2. How does a seed grow? (lands in good soil, is watered, and the roots go down deep)

3. What does it need to grow? ( good soil, water, weeds pulled out )

4. What creature likes to steal the seeds? (birds)

Read: Mark 4:1-9  / Mark 4:13-20

5. From the Bible reading, what does the seed represent? (God’s word)

6. What do the birds represent? (satan and demons)

7. What can we do to grow spiritually?

8. Why do some people not grow spiritually? ( the seed does not have deep roots – they do not read the Bible and pray )

9. Why are some people still spiritually dead? ( they are spiritually dead in sin, and need to be born of God’s Spirit)

(Ephesians 2:1-2)

10. Would you like to spread the seed of God’s word to other people?

11. How can you water the seeds that you plant? (with prayer, as God’s Spirit moves upon them)

12. God says in (John 4:35-36) that the harvest of wheat / rice / people is so many! Are there many, or few workers to bring in the harvest? Is there a reward from God for the workers? (yes) Would you like to work with God in bringing in the harvest of people?

Lesson 6. Moses and the 10 commandments & Christ, Jesus The Savior. (Two Bible coloring lessons combined)

* Give Bible Color Lesson A

1. Who is leading the people? (Moses)

2. Why did God want Moses to go up the mountain? ( to meet with God and get the 10 commandments for the people)

3. What are the 10 commandments? (Read: Deuteronomy 5:1-22)

4. Moses climbed up a high mountain to meet with God. He brought down with him the 10 commandments on tablets of stone. Who did God, The Father send down to earth from Heaven and what message did He bring with Him? ( He is The Savior of the world ), (about loving God and loving people), (how to enter God’s kingdom – you must be born of God’s Spirit)

* Give Bible Color Lesson B

5. The 10 commandments show what is sin in our lives. What did Jesus come to earth to do? (die for our sins , destroy the works of the devil, to give eternal life)

6.  The law came through ________? (Moses) but grace and truth came through ________?(Jesus Christ)

(John 1:17)

Lesson 7.  How can a person enter God’s kingdom?

1. Who are the two people and what are they talking about – basketball, gossip, etc?  (no, there conversation is way more important – why?) (spiritual things are more important than physical things!)

(a man named Nicodemus went to Jesus to ask him some questions)

2. How can you get answers to your questions from Jesus? (yes, pray, and also …read The Bible and His teachings)

3.  Would you like to hear what they talked about from The Bible in John chapter 3? (Read: John 3:1-8)

4. So, according to the teaching of our Lord Jesus, what must happen to a person in order for him to enter into God’s kingdom?  (be born again of The Spirit)

5. Is being a good or nice person enough? (no, you must be born again)

6. Do you look like one or both of your parents? Why?

7. If you are born of God, will you look like God? In what way, physically or spiritually?

8. What are the 9 fruits or characteristics of God’s Spirit? (Read: Galatians 5:22)

9. Would you like to be born of God’s Spirit? (if yes, lead them in a sinners prayer, and to call on Jesus to be their Savior and Lord of their lives)

Lesson 8.  Why was a snake lifted up on a pole?

1. In the Garden of Eden what was the creature that Satan used to tempt Adam and Eve?

2. Afterwards, what was the punishment from God to the snake?

3. In the time of Moses, why were snakes biting the people? (people were dis-obeying God)

4. How could the people who were bitten be healed?

(Read: Numbers 21:4-9)

5. Does Satan still tempt people today?

6. These days do many people dis-obey God?

7. Have all people dis-obeyed God?     8. Have you?

9. What does God want us to look to today for healing and to be saved from sin? (John 3:14-17)

10. Are you trusting Jesus 100% , (not in your good works) for the salvation of your soul?

11. Have you received Him?

12. Are you born of God’s Holy Spirit?

Lesson 9. What is God’s plan for His followers?

Read: Exodus 14:10-31

1. Who is holding up the cane/rod/staff? (Moses)

2. What does the rod represent? (authority, or the right to act)

3. Do followers of Jesus have authority from God? (Yes, read Luke 10:18-20)

4. When God parted the Red Sea, what did Moses and his followers do next? (yes, they crossed over)

5. What happened when the armies of Pharaoh tried to chase them to the other

side? (yes, they were killed because they didn’t have the right or authority to cross to the other side)

6. Who has the right to go up to Heaven? (only the followers of Christ)

7. Does God have a victorious plan for you? (yes, in Christ!)

8. Who are the enemies of God’s plan? (Satan, demons, anti-Christ people, pride, unbelief, sins)

Lesson 10. Two criminals and the Savior of the world crucified!

1. Does Jesus love sinners?

2. Have we all sinned?

3. Will all people go to Heaven?

4. Just like the two men crucified, one on the left, and one on the right, are we all “criminals” in the sight of God because of our sins before Jesus saves us?

5. Is anyone good enough from their own good works to be able to go to Heaven?

6. Why did the criminal on the left not go to Heaven when he died?

Read: Luke 23:32-43 (he was only thinking about physical things – not spiritual – and he was proudful.

Lesson 11. Christ going back up to Heaven.

1. Is Jesus alive today?

2. How do you know? ( I believe the Bible, I received Him, I feel The Holy Spirit, I’m born of His Spirit, etc)

3. Do you want to do what He says?

4.  … even if you are persecuted – if people making fun of you, tease you, or get angry with you?

5. Why did Jesus say, “it’s to your advantage that I go up to Heaven” ? (clue – He said He would send the promise of The Father to His followers – what was the promise?) (Read: John 16:7)(The Holy Spirit)

6. Are you a follower of Christ? (if not yet, do you want to begin following Him now?)

7. Do you want Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit? (Read: Luke 24:45-53)

8. What was the final instructions of Christ to His followers? (be filled with His Holy Spirit and go and preach the gospel everywhere)

9. Do you want to tell others the good news?

Lesson 12. When will Jesus return?

Introduction / review: Last week we learned how Jesus went back up to Heaven. Do you remember His final instructions? Did you talk about Him to others this past week? He taught that the gospel will be preached as a witness to all nations, and then the end will come. Do you want to share the gospel?

1. Do you believe Christ will return? ( Yes, He promised to return )

2. What did He say would be some signs of His return? Read: (2 Timothy 3:1-5)(in the last days people will be lovers of self rather than lovers of God, lovers of money and greedy rather than caring for others, and that people would be carrying on ordinary behaviours like eating, drinking, getting married, but not following God – SAME AS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH!) (Read: Mathew 24:37-39)

* pass out the Bible Color A

3. How did Noah escape God’s judgment of the flood? ( he obeyed God )

4. How do we escape the judgment that will come upon all those who do not follow Christ? (we obey the teachings of Christ, receive and follow Him, make the right choices, follow Him rather than the crowd)

5. Why could Noah not open the door for the people who changed their minds, and were outside knocking? (it was too late, read about the narrow road in Luke 13:23-27)

6. What might they have been saying? (“Oh, I wish I had listened to Noah when he preached to us!”)

* pass out Bible Color B and Read: Genesis 6:5-8

7. Do you think some people will decide to follow Christ because you share the good news with them?

8. Do you believe God has rewards in Heaven for the followers of Christ? (1 Corinthian 2:9)

Lesson 13. What is the greatest power on earth today? (Power of Prayer)

1. Is it easy to follow Jesus?

2. How can we be strong spiritually?

3. What is more important: physical strength or spiritual strength?

* pass out the Bible Coloring

4. Why? (with spiritual strength you overcome _____________ ? (Satan)  With physical strength you overcome ________________ ? (your opponent in sports etc)

5. What other ways can you be strong? (Bible reading, memorize scripture, answer questions with God’s word, discernment of good and evil)

6. What does the Bible say about temptations? (1 Corinthian 10:13 God will not allow you to be tempted beyond your strength, but will provide a way out ) ( James 4:7 submit to God, resist

the devil, and he will flee from you ).

* introduce SCRIPTURE MEMORY VERSE (challenge the children to memorize verse(s) for next week)

Lesson 14. Who has a heart after God?

1. If you are a big brother, or big sister, or Mom or Dad, and caring for children, what makes you happy?

(yes, when they listen to you and follow you)

  • Pass out the Bible coloring.

2. Why is David singing to God? (he loves God, God is worthy of our songs and worship)

3. Does Satan like it when we sing to God? (no)

4. Why?  (he was formerly the worship leader in Heaven before he became proud, rebellious, and was cast out of Heaven)

5. What is the job of David? ( shepherd – taking care of the sheep )

6. Do you think he was a good shepherd? What does a good shepherd do? (lays down his life for the sheep – cares for them, feeds them)

7. What are the enemies of sheep? (wolves and lions)

8. Was it dangerous for David to protect them? (yes, he once killed a lion, rescuing one of the sheep that had strayed from the flock)

9. Who is our SHEPHERD today? (Jesus)  John 10:11 ; John 10:27-30

10. Can He protect you from Satan and demons? (Yes)11. David knew the names of all his sheep. When He called them, they knew his voice. If a false shepherd came along lying to them, would

the sheep listen and follow? (no, they waited for David) (the same way we need to hear God’s

voice, know His teachings, and not stray away into temptations)

12. What do you think God says about David? (good job? Nice work? – God said, “in David, I have found a man after my own heart, who will do all my will”)

13. Would you also like to be a person after God’s heart? Will that be easy? How will you begin to be like that?

14. Do you want to sing songs to God also?

15. And serve Him by sharing His message to others, and caring for others, helping and protecting those weaker or younger than you?


Lesson 15. How does God speak to us? 

1. What does it mean to say that God is in charge, or soverign? (He rules over fish, animals, plants, the earth, people, etc)

2. Why does God want all people everywhere to hear the gospel?  ( He is not willing any would perish)

3. Do you know the story of Jonah?

4. What did God command him to do? (go to Nineveh – this was a place with a bad reputation. Jesus said it is easy to love those who love you, but God wants His followers to love all kinds of people, even people with a bad reputation)

5. Do you think Jonah immediately obeyed and went to Nineveh? (No, he went the other direction … begin reading at Jonah 1:3.

6. Hmm, so how will God speak to Jonah? How will God get his attention? ( read 1:4-15 )

7. What does God want Jonah to do? ( to be willing to obey, to repent)

8.  What would happen to Jonah if God left him alone in the sea? (yes, he would have drowned, but God wanted him to live and to ___________________ ? (to repent) (repent means to change your mind, and be willing to go the right way).

9. Read 1:17    So God saved Jonah’s life in the belly of the whale. Was it a nice place? Did it smell good? On the first night did Jonah repent? Why not? On the second night? Why not? (he was stubborn)

10. So, finally on the 3rd night what does Jonah do? (yes he repents, and prays to The Lord) Read 2:1-10.

11. God is soverign. God is in charge. Do you believe that? Can God command it to rain? Can God command the whale to spit Jonah out onto a beach?

12. So now, what do you think Jonah will do? (yes, go to Nineveh)

13. Do you think the people of Nineveh will repent from their sins, when they hear the preaching of Jonah? Lets read and see what happens: Read 3:1-10.

PART B. Coloring

14. Should Jonah be happy now? (yes, but he was not!) Read 4:1-5.

15. Does God love Jona//h? Yes, and does God only want him to obey like a robot, or to begin to love people the way God does?

16. Lets see what God does to teach Jonah: Read 4:6-11.

17. The Bible says, God’s kindness leads us to repent. (Romans      ) With Jonah God used what? Storm, whale, tree, worm … How about all of us – what does God use – how does He show His kindness? (sunshine, food, water, parents, etc)

18. What is more important: a tree giving shade or people that God wants to hear the gospel?

19. What is more important: food, clothing, cars, houses, cell phones or people God loves?

20. Do you think Jonah is ready for his next mission?

21. How about you, are you ready to share God’s message?  How do you want God to use your life?

22. How does God speak to us today? Read: Hebrews 1:1-3

PRAYER TIME and dismissal

Lesson 16. The Garden of Eden and the fall of man.

1. Do Adam and Eve look happy? Why? (Yes, they are following The Lord, and everything is perfect – no worries, problems, etc)

2. What was God’s command to them? (Read: Genesis 2:16-17)

3. Where did the trouble come from? Give Bible Color B. (yes, Satan tempted them by way of the snake – lets read what happened: Genesis 3:1-7.)

4. Satan is liar – what is the lie he said to Eve? (you will not die)

5. How can we defeat the lies of Satan? (by remembering God’s commands – memorize scripture and speak God’s word)

6. Give Bible Color C. What do you see in the picture? What are the consequences of sin? (Romans 6:23)

Let’s see what was God’s judgment to the snake, to the woman, and to the man: Read: Genesis 3:8-24.

Lesson 17. The Narrow and Wide Road.

1. What do you see in the pictures?

2. What are the differences between the two roads? Which road has more people travelling on it and why?

3. Do the people travelling the wide road realize what is at the end of the road? Why?

4. Shall we hear what Jesus taught about these 2 roads? Read: Mathew 7:13-14

5. In Luke Jesus also talked about these two roads, and a door that will close and be too late for people to enter!

Let’s read: Luke 13:23-27.

6. What do you think people will be saying, after it is too late for them to be saved? (“oh, I wish I had read The Bible, and I wish I had followed Jesus!)

7. Would you like to hear God’s promise of eternal life to followers of Christ? (Read 1 John 5:1-13)

Lesson 18 Two life and death stories

Intro:  Jesus told many stories about people. This story is about two men, and what happened after each one died.

1. Where do people go after death? (heaven or hell – there is no purgatory or other possible place)

2. Is there a second chance after death? (no)

3. Why does the Bible say that money is the root of all evil? (it causes people to go after wealth, and forget about loving God and loving people) (1 Timothy 6:9-12 )

4. Pass out the Bible Color and READ: Luke 16:19-31

5. Was the rich man happy in hell? No, why? (he was being punished, he was suffering for his sins)

6. When the men were still alive on earth, did the rich man help Lazaro? No, why? (he loved money more than people)

7. Lazaro was poor but believed God. Why is your faith more important than gold or silver, or all the money in the world? (Read: 1 Peter 1:6-9)

8. In hell, what did the rich man want his brothers still alive on earth to know? (about heaven and hell)

9. How about you – do you want to help the poor and warn everyone about hell?

10. Does Jesus save His followers from the punishment of hell, and give them eternal life? ( Read: John 5:24 )

Lesson 19. Living Water of Life

Ice Breaker Questions:

1. Who here is good in school? Who gets high grades?

2. Ok, I’m going to ask some questions, and lets see whocan answer? People need ___________ (water) and _______________ (food) to survive.

3. Most of our physical body consists of __________________ (water)

4. If people are in the province, and there is no river nearby, how can they get water – what is needed? Peole can dig down in the ground and hope to find water. This is called a _____________ (well).

 * hand out The Bible Coloring

5. Do you know what is a racist? (a person who thinks one race is better, and hates other races)

6. The place of this well is called Samaria, and the people there were called Samaritans. Many people did not like Samaritans. Do you think Jesus would still go there? (yes)7. Why do you think this woman came alone to the well?

(many people did not like her because she had many sins) But do you think Jesus had a message for her?  Let’s listen now to His teaching in John 4:5-30.

8. Did Jesus know everything about the woman?

9. Does He know everything about each of us also?

10. What did the woman ask Jesus for? (yes, living water for her soul)

11. Do you also want to ask Jesus for the living water of God’s Spirit to indwell you?

Lesson 20.  The 2 greatest commands

1. What is God’s first and greatest command?

2. Love God with all your  _________ ( heart), ________ (soul), __________ (mind),  and ___________ (strength)

3. God’s second command?   (love your neighbour as your self)

4. So, what does it mean to love your neighbour as your self?

Hmm, there was a man who asked Jesus what this means – he said to Jesus, “who is my neighbour?” – how do you think Jesus replied?   Lets turn to Luke 10:25-37 and find out.

Give the Bible Coloring.

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