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Clinic Trainer / Quezon City

/ Samar 2014


Founder / Director

Missionary to Philippines since 1998


Partner / Supporter

Director of Hoops for Christ, Kentucky


Clinic Trainer / Speaker


Clinic Trainer / Zambales 2016


Clinic Trainer / Metro Manila

Youth Minister


Clinic Trainer / Metro Manila

Youth Minister


Clinic Trainer / Metro Manila


Advisor / Supporter

Bicutan Rehab Clinic


Advisor / Supporter

Bicutan Rehab Clinic


Sponsor of Kids for

Araneta Halftime Clinic


Clinic Supporter

Pasig Outreach

Salvation Teams History...



Steven Siebert played College Basketball in New Jersey then professionally in Munich, Germany from 1976-79.

His Salvation experience happened in January of 1981. Shortly thereafter God opened a door for him to be a volunteer coach inside MCTC Prison of Maryland, USA. There he experienced God’s compassion for the inmates, using basketball as a means of making friends with them.

For many years he taught Social Studies, and Coached  High School Basketball Teams in Virginia, Florida, and Puerto Rico.


In 1998 Steve responded to a calling from God, serving as a full-time JCF Missionary to the Philippines, where he was able to begin an organization reaching out to the poor, Vision Isaiah 58 for Homeless, Inc. His wife Lisa, and their 3 children also involve in the ministry.


In year 2007, The Lord awoke him early one morning with a burden to begin a Salvation Teams ministry, intent to reach out to young men with The Gospel.  Since then he and volunteers from Churches have been able to gather tricycle drivers, students, and street kids into teams, whereby they will listen to sound Biblical encouragement, and teachings. 


Basketball has been a means to minister to 200 “street kids” in government detention at Camp Bagong Diwa.  During that time 3 volunteers became full time school teachers to the 200 kids, and basketball became an incentive for them to do well in their schooling.  One boy who had enjoyed the Salvation Teams ministry in detention, upon release back to Tondo, Manila, “Smoky Mountain”, was willing to gather his Barkada friends to benefit from Salvation Teams Ministry. Many boys there, who were scavengers on the Smokey Mountain Trash Dump, opened up about so many problems they had, and the violence, even showing  scars from knife wounds.


Since these early outreaches, more churches and pastors have involved  across the city. At times, PBA players such as Kelly Williams, Alex Compton, Joe Devance and Jay Jay Helterbrand have done instruction at clinics and encouraged the youth.  Organizations such as CBN Asia, and CGM refer churches and ministerial associations for TRAINING in “how to do basketball clinics”.


In year 2014 two mission trips were made to Typhoon ravaged areas, and basketball became part of the rehabilitation process . In Samar 7 churches involved, and plans are to return and train more churches. Entire communities turn out to support and cheer on the boys and young men in the “free” Salvation Teams Basketball Clinics.

In Metro Manila the main focus is also on those youth who cannot afford expensive Basketball clinics.


In year of 2015, PBA player Phil Morrison assisted in our basketball clinics, and in making "how to coach clinic videos".  Many churches, Pastors, and Kuya Coaches are availing of these training videos and downloaded outlines. Even Pastors and Youth Leaders with limited basketball skills are learning they can become excellent clinic coaches! This is our goal - to equip and assist in starting new basketball clinics to reach more youth with the gospel. To God be the glory for what He can do with humble young men with hearts to serve Him!

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